Recommended treatment plan is a 45 minute sessions every 2 weeks for 4 sessions.  Then a 45 minute session once a month.  The nanopen can be added to a microderm abrasion treatment for deeper exfoliation.  Also, it can be added to any regular facial.

 Nanopen Face:

  • $75 for first 60 minute session
  • $100 per 60 minute session thereafter
  • ​Buy pkg of 4 (suggested treatment duration) 60 minute session - $360

Nanopen Neck:

  • ​$50 for 40 minute session

Nanopen Declotte:

  • $75 for first 60 minute session
    $100 per 60 minute session thereafter

Nanopen Firming Eye Treatment:

  • $35 for 30 minute session

Nanopen Plumping Lip Treatment:

  • $35 for 30 minute session

What is the NanoFusion Pen?

The NanoFusion Pen is a handheld cosmetic skin permeation device that improves penetration and efficacy of targeted solutions. The unique, disposable tip has a uniform grid of pyramid-like micro-structures made of mono-crystalline medical grade silicone.

What does it do?

The NanoFusion Pen helps to improve the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin’s texture, decreasing pigmentation and sunspots, diminishing acne and providing luminosity to the skin.

How does it work?

When applied to the skin, the NanoFusion Pen’s microscopic silicone pyramids compromise the stratum corneum and temporarily open transient channels that allow for the delivery of nutrients into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Who is it for?

The NanoFusion Pen is ideal for both medical professionals and estheticians as there are no legal restrictions on its use. Its demonstrated safety makes it permissible in clinics and spas.

Efficacy and Safety:

The Nanopen achieves remarkable results by opening nano-scale channels in the skin for 10-20 minutes, increasing the penetration and absorption rate of ingredients as well as delivering them to the right location within the skin, maximizing and optimizing their efficacies.

The microscopic silicone pyramids of the Nanopen are much smaller than micro-needles creating much smaller holes. There is no bleeding and no risk of infection, thus making the Nanopen much safer than the standard stainless-steel needles on all micro-needling rollers, pens or machines.Type your paragraph here.